US-D1 - Radar Altimeter

US-D1 - Radar Altimeter

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Detection Range: 50m

Field of View: 43°x30°

Size (with mount):108mm x 79mmx 20mm

Weight: 100g

Price: $599


Just Plug and Play:  With a simple data packet, and drivers in both PX4 and Ardupilot control stacks. US-D1 is ready to go!

    What our customers have to say about the US-D1:


    Skyfront’s Perimeter 8 Drones Can Fly as Low as Two Meters Above Ground with Their New Autonomous Terrain-Following Capabilities (leveraging Ainstein's US-D1)

    Please note: We only have a UART driver for Ardupilot and not CAN We can process most low volume orders immediately, but lead time can be between 3-5 weeks depending on manufacturing.  The CAN Bus that CAN HI and CAN LOW are connected to must be between -2V and 5V power supply or it is at risk of burning the hardware. Under no circumstances will Ainstein be held responsible or liable in any way for any claims, damages, losses, expenses, costs or liabilities whatsoever from your use of the US-D1 outside the range a -2V and 5V power supply.  Ainstein disclaims any and all liability for any errors, inaccuracies or incompleteness contained on our site or on any of our documentation relating to the Product.  Ainstein does not guarantee that the use of our products will comply with regulations in any country. It is the customer/user’s responsibility to ensure that the use and incorporation of Products complies with the regulatory requirements of their markets.