US-D1 - Radar Altimeter

US-D1 - Radar Altimeter

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Detection Range: 50m

Field of View: 43°x30°

Size (with mount):108mm x 79mmx 20mm

Weight: 100g

Price: $599


Just Plug and Play:  With a simple data packet, and drivers in both PX4 and Ardupilot control stacks. US-D1 is ready to go!

    What our customers have to say about the US-D1:


    Skyfront’s Perimeter 8 Drones Can Fly as Low as Two Meters Above Ground with Their New Autonomous Terrain-Following Capabilities (leveraging Ainstein's US-D1)

    Please note: The US-D1 is FCC Certified (FCC ID: 2ATMB-USD1AZ).  Ainstein standard terms and conditions apply.  All orders are shipped EXW