T-79 Short Range Safety Radar Developers' Kit

T-79 Short Range Safety Radar Developers' Kit

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OEMs, Tier 1 auto suppliers, tech startups, and more use the developers’ kit to get started fast on new applications for autonomous and specialty vehicles that require high degrees of safety, reliability, and performance.

The Ainstein T-79 short range radar safety developers’ kit comes with everything you need to get going right away — even if you’ve never previously developed applications with radar sensors!

Ainstein Automotive Safety Radar T-79 enables the following lifesaving features:

  • Enable new safety measures for systems and products by augmenting situational awareness in autonomous vehicle use cases
    • Cyclist and Pedestrian Detection
    • Blind Spot Monitoring
    • Lane Change Assistance
    • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Increase reliability and improve performance of your existing systems and products
  • Reduce development time with this one-stop kit with everything you need


The developers' kit comes with all of the following in one easy to use package:

  • Ainstein T-79 short range safety radar (1)
  • Peak USB/CAN FD (1)
  • Female DB9 Connector (1)
  • Camera module with detection function (1)
  • Camera/Radar Mount (1)
  • Power Supply Adapter (1)
  • CapApp radar data visualization software
  • remote expert engineering integration & customization support (2 hours)

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